Added value of IMS Interim Management Solutions

We offer our customers complete solutions at short notice to address pressing management and project needs. We offer our listed interim managers a business platform that ensures success.


We systematically focus on quality:
Premium people –Premium networks – Premium services

Advantages of interim managers:

Placement of an interim manager at your company offers many advantages, including the following:

  • Availability is on extremely short notice.
  • The exact experience and problem-solving skills required are provided for precisely the length of time you need.
  • Qualifications are tailored to your needs, including intentional short-term placement of overqualified interim managers.
  • Thanks to interim managers’ many years of professional experience in responsible positions, you receive mature, poised and reliable individuals with a sense for business.
  • There is a clear emphasis on results during the assignment because the role and responsibilities are defined up front.
  • Interim managers can take an objective standpoint in terms of company policies. They enter the organization as neutral players and are not driven by status or power in their work.
  • Interim management is a highly flexible form of organizing staff and management resources.
  • Fixed personnel costs become a variable project expense with a transparent budget.
  • Pay as you use: You have no employment benefits, vacation bonus or company car to pay – just an effectively delivered resource is invoiced.
  • Your own resources receive short-term support.
  • Expertise and best practices are introduced into your company.
  • Ramp-up time is short.
  • Full time or part time is possible and can be adjusted during the assignment.
  • There are no severance issues, and there is no impact on government-related social services.
  • The needs-based contractual relationship and obligation to pay expenses have an excellent cost-to-benefit ratio.
  • Situational extension or termination of assignment is possible.
  • Well-established teams of interim managers are also available.
  • Interim managers’ network of contacts can be tapped.