Case studies


Since 1996, we have placed interim executives and interim experts on hundreds of successful assignments. They include:

  • A midsized manufacturer of branded goods realized the initial phases of its expansion plans into eastern Europe thanks to the support of an interim executive with a proven track record of success as an export manager.
  • Due to a lack of resources, an interim expert was hired to implement SAP R/3 in a government-owned enterprise. The interim expert, who had previously overseen the successful implementation of three similar projects, completed the project on time and within budget.
  • An interim executive who was an established IT sales manager assisted a new software manufacturer to create direct sales to complement channel sales. The executive’s useful customer contacts proved especially helpful to the company.
  • On behalf of an insolvency administrator, an interim executive conducted a search on short notice for potential buyers of a bankrupt company that still had a good portfolio of maintenance agreements and valuable patents.
  • A listed company lost its CEO, CFO and investor relations manager in a traffic accident. A team of two interim executives and an interim expert ensured the company’s ability to function and oversaw the hiring process for the open positions.
  • An interim expert with coaching experience implemented the change management concept developed by a consulting company once it had been completed.
  • An international corporation made the decision to bundle its many national sales companies in Europe within a regional organization. An interim executive acting as the temporary vice president of European sales and marketing oversaw both the creation of the European organization and the restructuring work in each country.
  • Because of term-of-notice and noncompetition requirements, an individual newly selected to fill an open position on the board of management was not able to begin his work for 12 months. An interim executive filled the vacancy for one year. During that period, he also handled a number of unpleasant tasks, smoothing the way for the future board member.
  • A former banker serving as an interim expert professionally managed the euro transition at a chain of retail stores.
  • Due to a lack of candidates within and outside the company, an interim expert found a solution for succession planning at a midsized, owner-managed mechanical-engineering company in the form of a merger with an international supplier. In addition, a legal interim manager provided further support during the due diligence phase of the project as well as with contract management.
  • The search for a new electricity procurement manager to fill a permanent position at a large aluminum company proved to be unexpectedly difficult. To avoid losing a competitive edge while the search to fill the position continued, a highly specialized interim expert handled all the necessary day-to-day work.
  • Following a rather large work-related accident at a chemical company, a seasoned interim executive oversaw the necessary crisis communication measures within and outside of the company.
  • The difficult task of planning and implementing a mass layoff at a telecommunications company was carried out by an interim executive in tandem with the board member responsible for human resources.
  • An experienced marketing director serving as an interim expert at a well-known brand-name company managed the pitch for a new international advertising agency and the repositioning of the umbrella brand.
  • An experienced plant manager led the relocation project for an entire pharmaceutical plant in a timely manner from a residential area to a new rural site as an interim expert.
  • On behalf of a venture-capital company, a former chief sales officer acting as an interim executive carried out a market review and revision of the business models for several of the companies in its portfolio.
  • A highly experienced CFO serving as an interim executive implemented a change in reporting to US-GAAP at a German company.
  • A skilled interim expert redesigned all the business processes at a midsized automotive parts supplier and improved ISO certification.
  • On behalf of the principal shareholder at an innovative start-up, an interim executive with strong sales experience quickly acquired the company’s first major customers while another interim executive with commercial finance experience made preparations for the next round of financing.
  • A team of three interim executives and experts prepared and executed the IPO for a service provider.
  • A sales and marketing director with experience in the consumer-goods industry carried out the rapid launch of a new product line in the food retail industry for a midsized company.
  • An interim executive who served for many years as the managing director of a limited liability company in Germany and who had successfully expanded his business before selling it, assumed responsibility at an energy company for founding a new limited liability company focusing on fuel cells and headed it for one year.
  • A retired CEO serving as an interim executive provided coaching to the managing director of a midsized group of companies during the integration of an acquired company.
  • An interim expert experienced with the business processes of a major new customer’s sector joined the temporary project team at a family-owned company.
  • For a venture-capital company that had earmarked an affiliated business for divestiture, an interim expert readied the business for sale without encumbering it with long-term employment contracts.
  • A team of two interim experts expanded innovation management at an industrial company in order to sustainably double the current share of new products in terms of annual sales.

Along with our customers, one of our highest priorities is to maintain confidentiality.
Interim managers often have assignments at companies facing crisis or sensitive situations. For this reason, we do not openly publish a list of references. If needed, however, we can put you in touch with companies that can provide a reference.