Assignment process


Steps in the placement process:

  • Receipt of customer inquiry
  • Agreement on a precise definition of role and responsibilities including required skill set
  • Selection of suitable candidates from our pool or our network, including review of interest, availability, specific qualifications and required soft-skill profile
  • Presentation of information about the most suitable candidates, generally within 48 hours of receiving an e-mail inquiry about an assignment
  • Submission of bid for services including proposed conditions
  • Conference call or in-person visit to introduce candidates selected by customer
  • Conclusion of contract with customer, IMS and interim manager
  • Start of work or project
  • All steps are usually completed within just a few workdays!
  • But no matter how fast or flexible the process is, our guiding principle always remains the same: We provide our customers with the very best solutions along with proven quality!

Services provided during the assignment:

  • Continuous oversight of the assignment
  • Ongoing contact with the contracting parties
  • Mutual agreement on substantial deviations to targets and actual deliverables
  • Transparent worksheet to document assignment results and provide a basis for final invoicing
  • Transparent and efficient!