EOD – expertise on demand

If you have a one-time need for specialized knowledge or exceptional experience for an assignment involving such areas as strategy meetings, board meetings, workshops or research, we can place experienced business professionals or consultants on an hourly or daily basis.


A partnership without long-term obligation (pay as you use). Access to expertise, only when and for as long as you need it

EOD may be the right solution for such professionals as:

  • Business owner
  • Senior employee
  • Management consultant
  • Investment manager
  • Attorney
  • Private-equity or venture-capital company
  • Public institution
  • Journalists or analyst

Areas where EOD may be applied include:

  • Organizing a board meeting
  • Holding a workshop or seminar
  • Obtaining approval on a key project
  • Making an investment decision
  • Completing research on a market, product or company
  • Preparing a forecast or determining a trend
  • Making a strategic decision

The experts you need
EOD – Expertise on demand provides you with

Specialized as well as independent know-how of an expert can be provided just once or for a short period of time (on an hourly or daily basis) without concluding a consulting or interim contract.

Expertise on demand provides you with precisely the experts you need in all of those areas and more.

From a network of more than 150,000 specialists (from such areas as business, research, law, medicine, government and engineering):

  • National and international
  • Availability within 48 hours
  • Streamlined contract language, transparent invoicing
  • Strict compliance and confidentiality requirements


  • Agreement on knowledge requirements made by phone, e-mail or in person
  • Determination of desired expert’s profile outlined in a written briefing
  • Introduction of several suitable experts in the form of short, anonymous résumés sent by e-mail
  • Final decision made for a particular expert, confirmation of contract
  • Direct use of expert’s knowledge


  • Hourly rate for only telephone support from expert
  • Hourly rate for on-site support from expert
  • Daily rate (average of eight hours) for on-site support from expert
  • Applicable value-added tax and reimbursement for accrued travel costs

Invoice process

  • Fifty percent upon confirmation of contract
  • Fifty percent after successful execution of contract
  • EOD – a platform for collaboration and the exchange of knowledge