The search and in-person candidate presentations are free of charge except for travel costs of the interim managers.

Once an interim manager for the project has been selected, the following conditions apply at the start of the assignment.


Agreement on the daily or monthly remuneration is determined by the:

  • Complexity and length of the assignment
  • Qualifications required of the interim manager

The agreement can include a variable or performance-related component.


  • Billing is handled at the end of each month and includes the applicable value-added tax.


These are passed on directly and calculated on the basis of:

  • Actual expenses incurred according to the bill or receipt provided or
  • A daily or monthly flat fee

Renewal or cancelation

Options to renew or cancel an assignment are flexible and include:

  • Fourteen-day periods
  • One-month periods

IMS Interim Management Solutions handles everything related to contracts and reporting.

Comparison of differences: permanent versus interim

Permanent employmentInterim management
Needlong termshort term
Legal statusemployeefreelancer
Contractunlimited employment contracttemporary service contract
Term of noticelongshort
Remunerationsalary, staff or management bonusdaily or monthly fee plus value-added tax
Additional compensationemployment benefits, vacation/Christmas bonusnone
Fringe benefitscar, cell phone, retirement fundnone
Paid time offvacation, illness, healthcare treatmentnone
Start of worksix months on averageone to two weeks on average
Average age28-38 years old on average38-55 years old on average
Ramp-up timelongshort
Expertise"potential counts""experience counts"

Comparison of differences: consulting versus interim

ConsultingInterim management
Needmedium termshort term
Legal statusservice providerfreelancer
Contractproject-based contracttemporary service contract
Term of noticemediumshort
Remunerationfixed flat feedaily or monthly fee plus value-added tax
Additional compensation20% on topnone
Fringe benefitsnonenone
Paid time offproject-based contractnone
Start of workabout one monthone to two weeks on average
Average age25-30 years old on average38-55 years old on average
Ramp-up timeshortshort
Expertise"projects/methods count""experience counts"