Available expertise

Interim managers who …

We place professionals at your company who:

  • Are “doers” and not consultants
  • Assume responsibility for implementing solutions
  • Work as independent freelancers

… contribute to your company

Interim executives and interim experts support your company with their:

  • Long-term, successful first- or second-level executive-management experience (interim executives)
  • Particular specialized knowledge or project experience unrelated to the hierarchy of an organization (interim experts)
  • Outstanding interpersonal skills


Both exceptional professional qualifications and a persuasive personality are essential to guaranteeing an interim manager’s success. As a result, our pool of interim managers only includes candidates who have successfully completed a multistage selection process. During this process, we focus on identifying individuals who see themselves as problem-solvers and who define themselves in terms of their proven track record of successfully executing client assignments.

Our pool of several thousand quality-tested interim managers offers the following breadth of expertise:

  • All technical and functional groups at a company (production, sales, finance, etc.)
  • All types of companies (family-owned companies, private businesses and corporate enterprises)
  • All sizes of companies (start-ups, small and midsized businesses, corporations)
  • Expertise in nearly all sectors
  • Broad international experience

Our interim managers are very flexible in terms of where and for how long they work as well as adept at working under pressure.

After successful completion of an assignment, selected interim managers may be available for a permanent position at the company or on its advisory board or its supervisory board. They may also be considered when determining a solution for succession planning.